Wednesday, July 11, 2012

what's the plan stan?

So, let me bring ya'll up to speed on everything Poland. As you know, or can read below, I was suppose to leave June 14th, flight booked and 91% packed, and then the night before take off the plan changed. I did not have my visa and decided it would be best to delay the flight to get my visa. And now I have my visa. So why the heck am I still here? As my dad says, 'get to poland already!' :)
    Well, let me tell you why. After the whole visa dilema came to a calming end I felt that I needed to be sure all my bases were covered before I left. I want to be all set to go before I board the plane. I have my visa, travel insurance, and am still 47% packed, but I am still in need of financial support. I did not want to leave and try to raise the money aboard, I felt like that was putting the cart infront of the horse. I want to make sure I am a good steward of what God is giving me, especially when other's have investing money. And I want to be available to people if they want to talk more about Poland. It was not an easy decision. I am missing 3 weeks of summer camps and people were counting on me, thankfully God provided extra hands for them. So, now I will hopefully be leaving around August 20th to become adjusted and start preparing for the school year. However, I have yet to re-buy my plane ticket. I do not want to do so until I have a bigger base of financial supporters. That is why I say 'hopefully' august 20th. :)
       What does a bigger base of supporters look like? Well, I am hoping to find at least 12 people who will commit as monthly donors of $25 or more. That would give me $300/month for my rent,  food, and transportation. While in Poland I will be working very part time in the schools, which will add a little to my monthly income. And since I am still home I am able to work at Aroplax where basically all the money I am making is going straight into my Leading Edge account for Poland. As you can see I am working my hardest at trying to fund as much as I can however, I cannot do this alone and I need your help. If you are not able to be a monthly donor you can make one time donations as well. Please pray about giving financially and please contact me with any questions/comments. And if you would like to know more about what I will be doing I would LOVE to meet up and talking about everything. Email me: or call me (I'm not putting my # up on here though). You can donate online (see right side of screen) or I will gladly send you a form where you can donate through the email. Also I should add that all money raised goes directly to me and any financial need I will have while I am in Poland.

So we can tentatively say I will be leaving towards the end of august :)
All in God's timing.

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