Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Ok, so let me be honest. I've been homesick. I mean I have been homesick before this, but now I'm really homesick. So this is probably the reason why I have not blogged much in November. I'm not desperately homesick all the time. It's like a rollercoaster. Most or many days I am very fine and ok and satisfied here. And I really enjoy it. But other days I want to board the next plane home. I think having a cold, and then being sick this past weekend added to this feeling. It's hard to be fully enjoy life when your head hurts and your sinuses are plugged. :) But the past two days I have finally felt at full my energy level for the first time in probably two weeks thus my homesick level has declined.

This past saturday Ilona and I (well mostly Ilona) showed two of her friends around the city. It was a beautiful day and I was reminded how awesome of a city Wroclaw is. I guess I get so wrapped up in teaching and my daily tasks that I had lost the awe for the city. I remember when I came here and was looking on the city I told myself to always be amazed by it. How quickly I had forgotten. Saturday was a good reminder. Homesickness is also cured by skyping my family and Alli Lafferty; I'm so very thankful for skype. Yesterday I was able to watch my very adorable nephew Bennett eat his breakfast. I'm also very thankful for Imessage because I am able to 'text' my mom (and friends) from my ipod to her iphone. Technology is wonderful! It also helps to have a quilt from my mom that I can snuggle up in, I would suggest if anyone is going to travel...have your mom make you a quilt.

Saturday's walk around the city. 
The best cure for my homesickness is where I always find peace and comfort. Reading my bible. Woof, it helps. It takes my thoughts away from myself and current feelings to God and his bigger picture. That book is overflowing with goodness. Ultimately, he is in control and my current feelings are a drop in the bucket to his plan. So, I must be strong and courageous for the Lord, our God is with me where ever I go (Joshua 1:9). And in that I find true comfort.

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