Wednesday, March 6, 2013

There goes February.

It looks like February has flown by and it snuck out without a single posting from me. It has been so long I even had to log into blogger because they didn't remember me. I would like to say Hello again and I'm still here. I hope you are as well.

February really has completely flown by and I am beginning to realize that May will be here before I know it. How does that happen? In September, I remember thinking that May was lightyears away and now it is just around the corner.

In the month of February I realized how very clueless and go with the flow I am here. Now, let me explain this cluelessness before my brothers makes fun of me for this statement. :)

I really realized this when my friend Ali came to visit me. We were walking around the town and she would ask me why people do this, or why that is there, what is that for, what did they say. And my response was always, "I have no idea." She soon found out that this indeed was true. But there is a trick to must act like you know what is going on. For example, Ali was impressed with my language skills at the check out register. I would answer the lady's questions and act like I knew what I was doing. However, I am just assuming I know what the woman is talking about and hoping I answered appropriately. It's actually a big accomplishment if I can get through a whole transaction without the person knowing I don't speak much polish. It's like I am tricking them.

I further realized this when I went on a ski trip with a few Polish women. They would fill me in of their conversations and their plans. But sometimes they would forget to tell me where or what we were going to do next, which was ok because I just followed right along. There were a few times I would ask what we were doing and they would laugh and apologize for forgetting to inform me.

I have learned that yes it is nice to know what is going on, but sometimes it is nice to sit back and enjoy where life takes you! And it is ok to have no idea what is happening. haha.

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