Monday, May 28, 2012

Support Letter

Today I wrote my support letter, finally. I am kind of waiting for my link on Leading edge to be up until I mail out the letter, but that might not be up for a few weeks thus I may need to get my letters out before that. It looks like I will not be able to get the link up before I sent out my support  letters, so I will post on here when the link is up! Look for it!

May 2012

Dear Family and friends,
            This May, I graduated from Winona State University with my degree in social work. I spent the past year researching and praying about my plans after college. I was searching everything, which included being a ranch hand. My family enjoyed the thought of that one. Fortunately, or unfortunately, God had other plans for my next year. And those plans are going to Poland! Yes, that is correct I said Poland. I will be living in Wroclaw for 11 months serving God’s people there. I will be leaving June 14th, 2012, coming back for a few weeks in December, and heading back until May.
            What will I be doing there? During the summer months I will be volunteering at a Christian language sports camps, Youth for Christ day camps, and a music and art festival. At the camps I will be a ‘native speaker’ assisting the kids with their English and teaching them about American culture and life. Volunteering at summer camps is something I have dreamt about since being a camper. During the school year I will be working in a Christian school in Wroclaw called Arka Schools. This school was created to bring music, arts, education, and language back into the country after communism fell. The school serves disadvantaged children. I will work in the school as a native speaker assisting the children with their English. Through the school I will have the opportunity to teach adults English as well. After the school day I will assist Youth for Christ in their after-school programs in inner city Wroclaw. Again helping the kids with their English as well as building relationships with them. Christ is a personal God and through a relationship is where we find him and that is how I will share Christ with the kids I encounter. I will take interest in their lives and pour God’s love out on them.
            It is amazing how God prepares us. I have spent the past two years leading an after school program for disadvantaged kids in Winona. I have learned how to manage a group of middle school kids and make science and math fun. For my birthday I received a new winter jacket, rain boots, and a warm hat (thanks, mom). I am ready for Poland’s kids and their weather. God provides and prepares. :)
             I am so excited to see what God will do in this time; he never ceases to amaze. I am excited for the journey he is about to take me on. This is bigger then me because this is God’s story. I would like to invite you on this journey and to join me in praying and supporting the children in Poland. God calls us to support and pray for each other. I know God is going to do amazing things this next year in Poland and I would love for you to be able to experience his goodness and power with me. God calls us to pray first, so I would implore you to pray for me, for the missionaries already working in Poland, for the children, and for Poland. Secondly, I would ask that you prayerfully consider supporting me financially as I spend almost a year in Poland. There is no obligation to give, but if you are able to and inclined, your support will be greatly appreciated. Please refer to the attached sheet for more information.  Feel free to call, email, facebook me! And please check out my blog:

Thank you for you thoughts and prayers, I appreciate it!

Grace and Peace,

Hannah Schoen 

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