Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lookie what I got!

Look what came by the fed ex truck today?!? Yup, that would be my VISA! wooohoooo! It is finally in my hands! Oh, and what a wonderful feeling it is! So now the real question: Am I all set to go? After the extra week of being home I do feel more prepared to go, which has been a real blessing because I guess I didn't realize how stressed I was about getting everything done before I left. So, this time I am making sure everything is set and I will be able to go. I do not want to mess around with those silly airlines anymore. And since camp Arka begins next week I am now anxious to get going.
     However, I am still in need of more financial support before I can jump on the next plane (and there is one leaving next thursday!). To all who have already donated, what a blessing you are and are going to be. I am truly grateful for you. I do not want to leave before I know I have support until christmas, which is a little over half of my time. I have faith that God will provide and know that we are all stewards of his money. So, please if you would like to know more about my travels before giving or have any questions with anything Poland related give me a call or email me. ( I would be more then happy to talk! And now you can donate online and it is very simple to do! (check out the right side of this page) However, if you do not want to donate online, please please, email me your address and I will send you a form with instructions on how to donate by mail!

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