Wednesday, August 1, 2012

best post yet.

Ok, so get are about the read the best post yet. So, get ready. Take a seat. Get comfy. Grap a blanket, preferably one that Barb Schoen made. (my brother is sitting next to me, and he is excited...the suspense is killing him--although he has already heard everything I am about to write)
    Let me take you back to last monday. As you know support raising has been slow for me to say the least. But I was slowly moving towards my goal and that is what I was focusing on. Well, on monday I was on the phone with a women who told me that she would be surprised if I was able to raise $5,000. I really didn't know what to say to her. After I got off the phone with her I decided not to let that conversation discourage me. Instead I decided it would be my motivation. Motivation. I wanted to be able to show this women how BIG the God we serve is, I wanted to show her that $5,000 was nothing to him. I wanted her to experience and see the power of God at work. Yeah, it would feel good to prove her wrong, but where does that lead me and how long will that feeling last? No, I wanted God's glory to shine through to this women. So I began to pray. I prayed and I prayed.
    Then on Wednesday I arrived home from work to find two long threads of email. The first I read was short email and the words: large amount, scam, internet, donation stuck out to me. I was confused. I quickly went to the next email and discovered that a women had read my support letter and  decided to donated USD4500 to support me. My first thought: where is the period?
     I continued to open more emails searching for one my brain may be able to read. I read more that confirmed the total amount donated was in fact: $4,500. I was in shock. I was stunned. Ask my brothers...I couldn't get words out. WOW. Who? What. WOW. Face of disbelief. And lots of mumbling. And a few tears.
   Now the other side of the story: A women from Singapore had received an email from Malcolm (the missionary whom I am connect with in Poland) regarded my future missionary work in poland and asking for support. Attached to this email was my support letter. She decided that she and her husband would support me. You see she had just received news that her daughters tuition was less then expected and with that savings decided to pass that money onto support me as a missionary.
   A thus she was an answer to my prayers and may God's glory shine. And therefore, I am almost fully supported! I am so thankful to God. What a process it has been. WOOOHOOOO! :)
   So, I hope this encourages you a bit to continue to pray for those big things in your life because we serve a infinitely big God who pours his steadfast love out on us. Let all glory be to him. WOW, God is gooooooooood.

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