Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I made it. Finally, right. After a 2 month delay and a longer then expected travel time over here (my initial total travel time was 15 hours, and when I stepped foot on Polish land it had been 30 hours of traveling). But I made it, safe and sound. And with all of my luggage. I was shocked when I saw it coming down the conveyer because with all my transfers and switched flights I was sure it had gotten lost. I think it was the first time I had a real smile filled with relief since my journey began.

Tonight marks the ended of my third full day here. And it has all really improved since I landed. I have some what recovered from the travel, but the jet lag and lack of sleep (I think I slept about 5 out those 30 hours) are still fogging my day a bit. Each day is always a little better! I have toured the school I will be teaching at this year, and met with a few people who gave me pointers on lesson plans and such. Today I sat through a teachers meeting at the school. The meeting was about 1.5 hours during which I had no idea what was being discussed....if only I knew polish.  This did give me the opportunity to investigate each women's rings. I saw rings on the right ring finger and none on the left, rings on both ring fingers, rings on only the left finger, no rings. I was confused. Towards the end of the meeting I concluded that wedding bands are worn on the right hand, I later asked Malcolm and he said I was correct.

I registered with the government on my place of residency while I am here. I have visited the grocery store and walked the streets. I am beginning to plan my lessons for next week and start getting ideas for weeks to come. Tomorrow I will be getting a bus pass, and hopefully a cellphone. All is well here and Wroclaw, Poland is quite the place.

Side note: I already had Cate Cavanagh working on this today with me, but it seems to need more attention. Since I am here my internet (meaning google and all it controls...which is basically my internet) assumes I can read polish since I am in Poland. I wish that were the case, however it is not. Anyone got any suggestions?

For now I will Post, or opubllkuj, this blog.

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