Friday, August 24, 2012


    It all started when I was 7. I had just finished first grade. And I was ready for summer. Most importantly I was ready for camp. It was the first year I was able to be a camper. I was so excited, I had dreamed about this. A few months earlier we had filled out the registration card and my mom asked me if I wanted to invite any of my friends. I said no. I wanted to go to camp all by myself. I wanted to meet new friends, discover new territory, and I wanted to fly solo. I wanted to have a story all my own. I think I shocked my mom. You see I was a shy kid. People had to ask me to speak louder. Some probably thought I didn't talk. I was the middle child, there was plenty of talking and action going around. I observed. So you can imagine the surprise. As camp grew closer I got excited and nervous, but more excited. And finally the day came. I remember my parents leaving me at a picnic table full of girls in my cabin, it was a little scary to watch them walk away and leave me with all these people I didn't know. But I made friends that week (by week I mean 4 days) and loved my time at camp. I loved it so much I went back for 9 different summers, however the next summer I invited a few friends. I was ready to invited others into the fun.
     My mom reminded me of this as I was packing for Poland. I had forgotten all about my first summer at camp and in some ways it is a little like my next 9 months in poland. Poland will definitely be longer then 4 days, a little farther away, and not so many night games. And I am not as shy as I once was, though I still enjoy observing rather then the center of attention. It is similar in that I haven't actually meet anyone I will be on contact with in Poland. Thought I feel like I have because of skype conversations. And no one else is physically taking this journey with me. And yes there is a lot of excitement, some nerves mixed in, but mostly excitement. It is different in the fact that I have a whole bunch of people taking this journey with me through reading this blog, email updates, skype calls, financial support, and being prayer warriors and I think THAT may be my favorite thing. I'm so excited to share with you what God is doing and having you be just as excited as I am. So I would like to thank you again for joining me and all your prayers thus far. I feel them, and I'm grateful. Ya'll have blessed me. I don't feel like I am making this trek alone in anyway. 
     I am just about ready to go. My bags are packed and under 50lbs. My room is almost clean. Just a few last minute things to take care of and goodbyes to say. I must say I think saying goodbye....or see ya later, is that hardest part thus far. I'm just not very good at them and I always seem to cry. Like mother like father. :) Tomorrow marks my last full day here and I will enjoy it fully! On sunday my flight leaves at 12:34 and I arrive in Wroclaw Monday at 11:30am. My next blog will be from Poland! 

My bags all packed. (well, just about)

This has kind of become my verse thus far:
'Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go' Joshua 1:9 

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