Sunday, September 30, 2012

soothes the soul.

This weekend I left the big city life for a smaller city (I say city...because everything is a city compared to Becker and Winona). I went to Krotoszyn with my housemate, Ilona. She needed to record vocals for her EP, which is coming out soon. She is really good, check her out: I went along to take pictures of her while she was recording, but really I went to see another city and hang out with her while she wasn't singing. I was excited to see another part of Poland and get out of the city.

Ilona and I in the recording studio
I know I enjoy nature and smaller towns more then I like cities and I was reminded of this as the bus drove through the forest. Oh my goodness, it was beautiful. As the bus drove down the winding, narrow roads I soaked in all I could. I was amazed at how seeing that made me feel refreshed and renewed. I wanted to run through the forest. Ilona laughed at me. And thanks to my Dad's influence, I also wanted to drive a car very, VERY fast down the road. :)

Friday night was spent in the recording studio, where I took some pictures, tried to remember how to knit, and read a book. Saturday I finished my book, and then decided to venture out into the city. Its a very nice town and I enjoyed my walk around. It was a fun little adventure.

For the past month being here I have not been crafty: no sewing, no knitting, no nothing. I was itching for something. On thursday a friend took me to a store where they sold yarn and I bought two scans of yarn and knitting needles. I was so excited. My friend was amazed and wondered if all american girls knitted. I reassured her that no, not all do. I explained to her that many of my friends call me a grandma. This made her laugh. And now I begin to make a cowl, following a pattern...something I'm not very good at, especially without my mom's help. 

I may or may not have recorded my own song. 
Next, week I will also be leaving Wroclaw to attend a Central Eurasian Partners (CEP) conference in the Czech Republic. The place we are going is at the foot of the lysa mountains. So, once again I will find myself in God's beautiful creation. I will let you know how the weekend was on my next blog! 

Now, please go do something that brings you joy. It's wonderful to use the gifts God has given us and to enjoy his creation. Go. 

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