Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This video seems sum up my language learning abilities in 45 seconds. I knew learning a language would be hard, but this is hard. My mouth is learning all sorts of new sounds and my tongue is getting real good at rolling my 'r's. But many times, actually.... every time, I get all mixed up in my words and sounds and my pronunciation is all off. This really isn't surprising because this happens to me when I'm speaking English as well. I'm actually quite good at making a mumbled, jumble of my words.

I continue to have weekly english/polish lessons with a friend and this week she decided it was time to test me. Yes, that is right...I had a test. I sat in this cute little cupcake shop taking a test. Thankfully I was only graded in smiley faces. And I even surprised myself at how well I did. So, right now I feel pretty good about my polish skills, however I know that they are pretty poor. I will let the confidence push me to improving my skills. Because I am sure tomorrow I will feel differently. ha.

My best polish phrase: Nie mowie po Polsku.  (I don't speak Polish)

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