Sunday, December 16, 2012

'Tis the season.

 The christmas season is upon the city. And I am spent my last few days getting all my christmas shopping done. Thankfully, Wroclaw holds a christmas market in the center every year so I can find all sorts of unique, handmade, and traditional gifts for my family. It is also a lovely place to walk around and people watch.

Tomorrow I fly home. I am just a little excited. OK, really excited I can hardly handle it. So, today is a packing party. Ilona and I have spent the day packing. We go from my room to her room and then once my laundry is done it's back to my room. We are enjoying christmas music. Tomorrow I leave Wroclaw at 1:00pm to Copenhagen to Chicago to MSP. And then I should be hugging my mom and dad by 10:00pm.

Yesterday, I took my suitcase out of the attic and laid it out on my floor, only to notice a big bulge at the bottom of the bag. I hesitantly touched it, since it was behind the linning I couldn't see it. I thought it was acorns. I was afraid to open it because I thought I may find a squirrel in it or something that had burrowed in my suitcase. After a few seconds of discussion with myself I finally, slowly, unzipped it. Thankfully I didn't find acorns or a squirrel. Unfortunately, I found a million little pieces of broken plastic. The whole bottom and back of my suitcase broke. I knew it took a beating on the trip over, but I didn't know how bad it was. Well, I taped it up and reinforced with some cardboard and zip ties. I think my dad and brother would be proud. And hopefully all my things will make the trip in one piece. I will keep you updated. haha.

I have a busy fun three weeks ahead of me. Filled with family and friends. My brother is taking me to a concert, and hopefully skiing with both my brothers, shopping with my sister, snuggling Bennett, wrestling with my dad, sewing with my mom, laughing with my brother-in-law, and hugging my sister who I haven't seen in 7 MONTHS!! It will be a joyous time. So busy, too busy for blogging. :) Merry christmas everyone and Happy New Year!

Snowy park. 

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