Monday, January 21, 2013


I am back to Poland.   I am back to blogging.

Christmas Dinner at the Cabin. 
The last post was written right before I left for home. And how good it was to be home. I was able to babysit my nephew (picture below), enjoy a concert with my brother Robert, shop with my sister Ellie, wrestle with my dad, sew with my mom, cook with my sister Carly, chow down on a cheese burger with my brother Thomas, and laugh with my brother-in-law Paul.

I mean seriously, can he get any cuter? 
My family spent christmas at the cabin. There is something is enchanting about northern mn in the winter. The trees are heavy with snow, it's quiet, deer in the yard, crackling fire place. It is really the best place to spend christmas, in my opinion. We also disturbed the quiet and untouched snow with the snowmobile and sled. :)

Between hanging out with my family I was able to see so many of my friends and be updated about their lives. I even snuck down to Winona one evening to surprise some of my college friends....and to enjoy a Bloedow's maple long john in the morning. I was honored to partake in my friend Molly  Brown, now Molly Moore's, wedding day! Just like old times my cousin, Breezy, and I seeing each other on christmas day decided we needed more time to catch up and  I went home with her for a sleep over. I had a evening with all my college girlie friends, which was so fun.

Before I knew it three weeks had flown by and I don't think I spent a single day without something happening. I wouldn't have had it any other way. My time home was so good, which meant leaving would be hard. The day came and after tearful goodbyes and leaving my parents at the security. I found my gate and took a seat. I then overheard a man talking to the women at the counter about the delay. So, I went to the counter to see if I would miss my connecting flight. Sure enough I would. It turned out the next flight I could get on would be the next day. I texted my mom and told her to stay put. Thankfully, they were waiting out traffic at Ikea. They came back to the airport to pick me up and we went home. I was relieved. God just knew that I needed a little more time at home. The next day we tried again, and with less tears I climbed the plane and headed back to Poland. I'm so very thankful for my time home, even though it was hard to leave again, it was so very needed! There is no place like home, right?

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