Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Let me start be saying thank you. I know I have said it before, but seriously THANK YOU. I have been so encouraged by so many people, so many facebook messages, goofy videos, imessages, emails, hits on my blog, and skype chats. You have been so encouraging to me. So, now I return the favor.

Since being here I have been reminded the impact a person can have on their community, neighborhood, church, family, co-workers, and friends. Today in church, (yes, church where I wore headphones to listen to the sermon translated to english....very cool. I did feel goofy wearing big headphones in church) a story was told of a man who received a bible. He was an addict and didn't have much use for the book so he passed on to his girlfriend. In the same boat, she passed it on to her brother. Her brother took an interest in it and decided to read. And there his relationship with Jesus began. He did not keep this a secret and shared his new found life with others and soon he had 18 of his close friends and family, including his sister and her boyfriend experiencing God's grace as well. God used this one man to impact so many.

And I know this story can seem cheesy, and in a way typical, heard it all before. But I think we have to look beyond that to see how God works through us. He is a relational God and works through our relationships. He may use our words, deeds, and actions to show people his grace and love. And this makes sense because these are the people we see all the time, we share life with these people, there are commonalities, trust, shared culture, and memories. It's natural. And yes, God calls some people to share the gospel to far places, unknown territory. But for the majority of christians the mission field is in your hometown, work, child's schools, campus, and backyard. And that is exactly what God calls you, us, me, we to be.

OK, this is a blog I wrote along time ago but never thought it was finished because I felt I couldn't put into words what I wanted to say. Until I read an article which basically said everything I wanted to in a very perfect let me get out of the way and PLEASE read this article. 

                                          Here it is: We need Boring Christians. 

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