Thursday, August 15, 2013


Seriously, it is already AUGUST!!

Since I have been home I have been meaning to update this about my last few weeks in Poland and life back home. However, summer has taken off in all its busyness and here we are in August. And what a jam packed summer it has been. I have been living at my parents cabin for the summer and I found job as a nanny and cabin cleaner. Living at a cabin on a beautiful lake is everything it seems it would be: amazing. My weeks are quiet and move quickly and before I know it there is a crew up for a weekend of boating fun. Our boat has probably clocked the most hours of any boat on the lake. My dad has successfully pulled 5 skiers behind the boat, which has just geared him up to increase the number to 6 (maybe this weekend his dream will come true). I have mastered the 360 on the wake skate, but I still don't look as good as the 'good at everything' Thomas Schoen. :) I have played with Bennett and he loves to say his favorite Auntie's name: 'Neeeena!'  Summer has been full and successful. And with summer coming to an end it leaves one very important question hanging in the air...

'What's next, Hannah?'

This is a very good question and highly important, especially to my father. And one that I do not have the answer for yet. For a while I was searching for social work jobs in Bozeman, MT, however after applying and seeing what little jobs are available in a smaller town I (think, I think) I have decided to move my job search a little closer to home. The twin cities area. So, the job hunt begins for a job in social work working with children and families. maybe, hopefully. I continue to pray that God would point me in the correct direction. And I continue to fill out application after least I'm doing it while sitting next to the lake or feeling the lake breeze. So the search continues and thankfully summer continues on as well.

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