Monday, June 11, 2012

2 full days?

       How can it be that I only have 2 full days left in the states? Where as the time gone? And how will I fit in everything I must do in the next 48 hours? I cannot believe THIS thursday I will be leaving. In THREE days. I don't think it has hit me completely yet, it's more like little moments of realization. And it almost seems too big for me to wrap my mind around. To be living in a different country for months, to not be going back to WSU in the fall, to be missing cabin time, to be getting out of moving Robert into the dorms, to learning a new language, to seeing new places and meeting new people. That is a lot to think about, and even comprehend. So, has this whole year as a missionary in Poland hit me yet? No, I do not think so. And will it ever? ah, well....I will have to let you know. It is a lot to take in. And sometimes I cannot believe it is actually happening and I will actually be getting on a plane to leave. But thursday will come and the plane will leave and I will be on it heading to Poland. Crazy.
        I never thought I would be doing this or this would be part of my life, but thankfully God has bigger plans for me, for all of us. God also prepares us for his plan for us, he puts little steps into our lives that lead to a bigger step. I know that going to Poland is God's will for me because I can see how God has prepared me. For example in college, I wrote a big paper on Lithuania. I only picked it because I knew nothing about it and it happens to be north east of Poland. So all that knowledge about a country I never thought I would be 1,000 miles near, may be useful. I have learned that I have to look back to what has happened in my life to understand what God is doing in my future and present life.
      These next two days will be filled full with family and more preparations. Along with yummy Barb Schoen cooking.... tonight she has baked snicker-doodle cookies, almond poppyseed muffins, and strawberry pie. And tomorrow is a Polish inspired dinner; when I return in December I hope to show them what a real Polish meal is like! Now, I must go sneak another cookie before I fall asleep.

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