Thursday, June 14, 2012

change of plans.

         Change of plans. Big change of plans. To many of your surprise, and to mine, I will not be boarding my flight today for Poland. Instead I will hopefully be driving to Chicago to get my visa. Yesterday was a day of big decisions, lots of phone calls, skype calls, being on hold, packing, and searching the web. My head was spinning. However, we came to a decision. We decided since I did not yet have my visa and it would be almost impossible to get it while in Poland, I should stay in the states until I had my visa and then I would come. We didn’t want to risk deportation and fines while aboard.
            I feel pretty sad and a little stressed about the whole process. I was planning to meet my cousin, Suzi, in Hungary as she finished up school to hang out with her for a few days so I am so sad to be missing that opportunity. It was something I was really, really looking forward to. And I am bummed about having to pay more fees to reschedule the flight.  But it is what it is so we must move on and look on the bright side. So, in that sense I am happy to be able to hang with my family a little more, especially my cute nephew. Except now I have to say goodbye to my sister for a second time, and one time was bad enough. :) And I am ok with more time to prepare and maybe I’ll even get a chance to clean my room before I go, right mom?
            I was able to take a long bike ride this evening and oh man the skype (wow, told you I used skype a lot today!) was so pretty. It was one of those nights were the sun was shinning through the clouds making spotlights on the earth. It was beautiful. I actually stopped and sat in a field just admiring the sky. As I sat there I wondered what God was up to. I believe things happen for a reason and God has something brewing. As my brother-in-law and I talked tonight, I was again reminded of that and so I am wondering and waiting to see what God is going to use this time for. I know he is up to something so I will wait on him and continue to look forward. 

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  1. Oh Hannah! I'm catching your post a little late. I hope you were able to get your visa and everything ok. I wish I would have read it earlier and I could have met up with you in Chicago. It's not always easy to see what God has in store for you, but trust that there is a reason why. I agree with you that he has something brewing. One day you'll be able to look back and see why (that's the fun part). We are thinking and praying for you!