Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Tonight I am sitting on my bed trying to plan my attack of my next 10 days before I head to Poland. It will be full of packing...repacking, good byes, cleaning my room (yikes!), laughter, and maybe a few tears. :) And the hard question of do I bring my slippers or not? It's kind of raining and chilly tonight and after not wearing my slippers all summer...gosh they feel good. 

In other news, last week Malcolm and I tried to better define my duties/responsibilities when I arrive and this is what we (mostly he) came up with: 

Suggested title: CEP (Central Eurasian Partners) Coordinator's Assistant

Job/Ministry responsibilities:
1. Teaching English conversation classes at Arka school2. Helping Wiola and Marcela in their ministry/outreach to youth with Arka/Youth for Christ3. Helping Malcolm with CEP admin/communications/relational network/travel/support 4. Teaching English conversation with Arka Language school5. Private English conversation classes as needed to supplement your income6. Learning Polish as you are able

Things are subject to change and demand, but now you may have a better idea of what exactly I will be doing. It is exciting right? I'm excited.

ok, more to come later.

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