Saturday, September 15, 2012

tid bits.

I have almost been here 3 week, 2 weeks of teaching under my belt. And my life is beginning to get busier, which I enjoy. Many people have asked me what I am actually doing through out my week so I thought I would share: Tuesdays and thursdays I teach at arka schools, thursdays I also have YFC meeting and bible study, I will have 2 private english lessons a week, and one lesson where we swap english and polish. And through out the week I do projects or tasks for CEP, like updating websites and such. I'm continuing to fill up my schedule.

I have successfully taken the bus to the center and back, and to Arka schools and back. I am learning the bus stops and routes. Once I conquer that I will move onto the tram system.

The second week of school was a little bit harder then the first. The kids were over the new and exciting stage and realized that I will actual make them work and speak english. I'm trying to learn each classes language ability and plan lessons accordingly. It's a process, for sure. The skill of teaching does not come naturally, especially to kids who do not speak much english. But I do enjoy getting to know the kids. One day before classes last week, a women in the office was teaching me simple polish phrases like, 'I don't speak polish', 'I am from..', and 'My name is...' I decided to practice my new vocab, so my first class (which are 8/9 year olds) I proudly share with them my new sentences. They had no idea what I was saying. I tried again. They shook their heads no. That was the last time I tried my polish in the classroom that day. I will try again another day. :)

Ilona, is a girl my age who is also living in the house as I am and the other day she decided we should have a spelling contest. Well, for those of you who know me well enough know that spelling is not a strength of mine. But I agreed to the game. Ilona is from Ukraine and speaks 5 languages, she is studying english in college. She schooled me at my native language. We laughed. So, now I am learning Polish and more about the english language. Haha.

I have been able to enjoy the park near the house. Sometimes I run, others I walk. Both do me good. It is a good chance to reflect on life here and spend some time talking to God. And lately I have been praying that God will show me why in the world I am here and what he is going to do with me here. Through my daily tasks and beyond that.

Looking forward to another week and all the adventures it brings.

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